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April 20, 2018

NOTE: I originally wrote this this article for The Olive Fox last year. Unfortunately, the website is shutting down and I wanted to make sure that this piece wasn't lost. I will always be grateful to The Olive Fox for taking a chance and publishing me. My experience wi...

June 6, 2017

 Not Everyone is Going to Like You

Want to know the fastest way to trigger my anxiety? Tell me that someone doesn't like me. My heart begins to race, knots form in my stomach, and all I can think about is how fast I can run away. A single dislike on my Youtube videos ca...

May 15, 2017

Setting the scene is difficult enough in writing, so naturally it’s a challenge to find an appropriate setting to get your creative juices flowing. Spaces around us hold great potential, if only we sit and find the sparks glittering. Today we are going to look at some...

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June 12, 2017

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How I Became a Morning Person

July 24, 2017