To Market, To Market

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror

Comps: Uprooted, Spirited Away, Little Nightmares

Status: Draft 2


Little Nina and her twin brother, Melore live as best as they can in The Umber, a haunted forest plagued with monsters and hags. Hope finally arrives in the form an invitation to a city free from harm and hexes. But every hope is shattered when The Market appears.


The Market is home to the most powerful hags in all The Umber, known for snatching children to eat. When Melore is taken there by hags, Nina must abandon her chance at a new life to save her brother’s. Within the belly of The Market Nina will discover that though she is meek, there is a literal fire burning within her and it’s strong enough to uncover the conspiracies hidden in the dark.


But what the twins don’t realize is that a fate far worse than being eaten wishes to consume them...and they are running out of both time and places to hide.


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