June 12, 2017

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How I Became a Morning Person

July 24, 2017

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Every Pretty Little Flaw

May 22, 2017

The first time I felt self-conscious about my body was in fourth grade. Fellow gal classmates were chatting about their weight and how each was under a 100 pounds. I was always towering for my age and I realized that I was over a 100 pounds. That’s when the seed took root.


Fast forward to junior high. In ninth grade I entered public school for the first time, having previously attended private school. In my small school I had always been boxed in as the weird girl, the strange girl, the not pretty girl. In fact, when the boys made a list ranking the girls in my grade, they didn’t bother to include me. Over the summer before I made the school transition, I had morphed. Gone were my oddly fitting glasses and too long hair. I now sported a bob and makeup. My school uniform was replaced by sincerely stylish clothes that complimented my body. I finally had style and never before had I been more uncomfortable in my own skin. I felt naked in these clothes. I loved finally getting to express myself, but I was suddenly aware of every inch of skin. It was as if I was on display. I often pushed up my glasses that were no longer there out of nervous habit. Boys began noticing me and I didn’t know what to do.


I wish I could say that this feeling was completely gone. I wish I could say I proudly wear whatever I want with no regard to how exposed I feel. My confidence is higher these day, but over all that little voice of doubt pops into my head, asking me if I should go back to uniform shirts and black pants.


Why do we do so often question our bodies? The older I’ve become the more brutally honest I am about my physical flaws. However, I found a refreshing take in body image from Dodie Clark (DoddleOddle) on Youtube. In the video below, she explores her "flaws" and offers a positive review of each “flaw” she has from head to toe. I am going to attempt to do the same here. So here are some of my flaws and the reasons why I love them!



My feet

I swear I was supposed to be taller than 5ft 2” and my feet are the largest (literally) clue. My feet are long for someone my size and they get wider as you reach my toes. I have extremely large veins piping across the top of each foot. I get hair on my toes, which makes me feel like a hobbit in hiding.


But do you know what?

I love my feet. They are a fun shape and strong! I stand on my tip toes often and they easily support me as I prance around! My toes are small and my nails are never too long to have to cut the all the time. Plus, I have hobbit feet! You should all be jealous of the fact that I’m part hobbit!


My Butt

This is going to be one of the strangest things I’ve ever typed: I was born with a big butt. My mom held me up proudly while changing one of my first diapers and proclaimed, “She has a butt!” At the time it was droopy little thing, but a butt nonetheless! As I’ve grown older, it’s continued to….be present? I often worry it’s far too big for me.


But do you know what?

I have a butt! A big, round, marvelous thing! The kind that can turn heads. I never had to worry about padded seats. I come with one! I look great in skinny jeans and I am a sassy thing in pencil skirts!


My Eye Bags

Want to know another thing I was born with? Eye bags. I have had people tell me on multiple occasions that I should get more sleep, to which I reply, “No, I get plenty of sleep, that’s just my face.” I spend the majority of my make-up time on concealer, trying to hide away any sleep that will add to the problem.


But do you know what?

I get to look like Wednesday Adam every day of my life! My eye bags make me look mysterious and strange. I’ve found good angles that compliment my bags when I take selfies! They have forced me to actually learn how to take a decent selfie!


I could go on and on, picking apart each part of my body, but I'll stop here. We each have head to toe things we wish were different about our bodies. We need to be productive with our thinking and begin seeing ourselves for all our beauty! If you feel comfortable doing so, please leave a comment with one part of your body you don’t like and then tell us what makes it fabulous and special! Learn to love every inch of you.


Until next time, dearies!





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